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How to share Instagram pictures on a Facebook Page

You are probably already using Instagram's cross-platform sharing button to share your latest training inspired portrait to your Facebook timeline.

What about your Facebook athlete page? 

If you're still posting manually your Instas on your Facebook Page you might want to set Instagram to share them directly onto your Facebook Page.

Here's how to do it:

1. Head over to your account settings on the Instagram app. (the gear icon located in the upper right corner)

2. Scroll down, click 'Preferences > Share Settings'

3. Select 'Facebook'

4. Select 'Share to – Timeline (Default)'

5. Authenticate with Facebook

6. Select the Facebook page where you want your Instagram pictures to show.

(FYI, Pavel Datsyt is the fictional athlete we birthed to test out all Medalist integrations)

Caveat: Instagram only allow you to share to one Facebook account or page. This might not work out well for you if you still want to share them to your personal timeline AND on your athlete page at the same time. Going back and forth between the two might also become a burden.

Written by
Geoff Wolfer
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