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5 Keys to a Great Athlete Website

As an athlete I am sure you already know all about the importance of having a website, but having a website is just step one. The next step is making sure it is looking good!

Thankfully it is super easy to have a GREAT website as an athlete, all you have to do is follow the 5 tips below and you will be looking like a pro in no time. 

Key #1 - Use Your Name as the URL

This is an easy one, your website should be as easy to find as possible so that when sponsors or fans are typing your name into the Google machine, your website will be in the top results. One of the simplest ways to help this happen is to have the domain name of the website be your full name.

Domain names like and help website visitors know immediately that they have found the Official Website from the athlete and not just a fan site.

Sometimes your name as a domain name might already be owned by someone else but don't worry there are a lot of alternatives these days. A common alternative is finding something other than '.com', such as '.ca' if you are a Canadian athlete, '.uk' if you are from the UK, '.me' or '.link' if you mainly use your website as a link from your social media accounts.

Key # 2 - Keep Your Website Simple & Focused

Many athletes have a website to a--build a more professional brand and add value to their sponsorship & partner deals. In this case the main focus is looking good and showcasing sponsors, meaning the website should not feature too much beyond that information and your athletic achievements.

On the other hand, some athletes want a website to Blog about their journey, or as an E-Commerce store to sell stuff. Whatever the reason for the website is, it should be optimized to do just that. Do not distract visitors from your main goal and focus on just the things that matter to you.

Key #3 - Use High Quality Images

Ever visit a website and see an image that is stretched so wide that it looks looks like its out of a video game from 1994? This is what happens when you use a low quality (low resolution) image on your website. Be sure you are always using high resolution photos on your website and it will instantly look 10 times better.

Key #4 - Showcase Sponsors and Partners

This can have a lot of benefits for you and the brands you support. By showcasing Sponsors you are not only bringing extra value to your them but you appear more professional to others who visit your website, making them want to sponsor you more, it's a beautiful cycle.

In addition, your website is also a great way to show some love to the brands that helped support your journey as an athlete. This could be sport organizations, coaches or teams that have taught you what you know or that you have competed for.

Finally one of the most rewarding things you can do as an athlete is support organizations or charities that are involved in the causes you care about. Be sure to include charities or organizations that mean something to you to help bring them more visibility. Be careful here though, you likely want to support a lot of causes, but if you feature too many it can become overwhelming and hard for a website visitor to learn about each and every one. So it's best to focus on one or two to help give them the best boost from your brand.

Key # 5 - Keep You Site Up to Date

A lot of athletes get super excited about their website when they first get it, so they show it off to everyone and maybe write one or two blog articles. But after time the realization that they are still super busy training and competing catches up to them and they stop updating the website. This is completely natural, but it can actually look poorly on an athlete's personal brand if they have a website that looks like it hasn't been updated in 3 years. 

That is why we recommend getting a website that keeps working for you even if you don't have the time to spend time updating it yourself. That is a major benefit of a Medalist made website, as the system connects to your social media accounts and creates new posts on your website - so it stays up to date auto-magically without you even needing to lift a finger! 

So now you are armed with the knowledge to making a great athlete website the next step is to get started! Thankfully with Medalist's system this only takes a couple of steps and can be done for free, simply start by CLICKING HERE

Written by
Geoff Wolfer
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